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Amina research and development of personalized nutrition solutions at the SPUR

Amina is combining home diagnostics with personalized nutrition. Users can track their nutrition levels with a single drop of blood and buy customized supplements based on what their bodies’ actually need. It screens high risk patients and adjusts treatment in the same appointment. This instantly provide clients with a customized plan to help them reach their health goals, while repeated testing increases compliance with the treatment plan.

Amina can determine iron levels with a blood test by measuring the concentration of the ferritin protein. This is crucial for athletes, women, and vegetarians that need to ensure they are meeting nutrient requirements. Clients can base treatment decisions off of real data rather than qualitative surveys and crude measuring tools.

Clinics can improve patient retention through follow up testing. Clients will feel more empowered and motivated to return, by checking in on their progress. Stay competitive with the latest technology, drive new referrals and grow business based on results.

Please see Amina health for more details on personalized nutrition.

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