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Mirage VR Stimulating Virtual Reality at SPUR Headquarters

Mirage VR is Canada’s first full-body, free-roam, multiplayer virtual-reality experience! Enter fantasy worlds where players use magical powers and teamwork to overcome obstacles. Take on an evil being and save Sherwood Forest, or get ready to set sail in search of hidden treasure and dragons– whatever the quest, players are not just playing the game, they are living it!

Mirage VR’s specialized equipment allows groups of players to interact, and kick, swing and talk to each other just like they would in real life. This immersive multiplayer experiences places social interaction at its core. Group experiences share a large, open space. Players can explore with their own legs, interact with their own hands, and coordinate as a team to stay alive.

Mirage VR allows people to rent their own personal booth, where they can play solo, or virtually with friends. With over 50 experiences available! Whether it’s action, adventure, puzzle, or dance.

Mirage VR has each player carry a lightweight computer on their back, allowing them to move freely through the space – both physically and virtually. With the addition of hand and foot sensors, the players can control the experience with their own body movements rather than with a device. Anything done physically is also simulated in VR; with players able to high five, talk to each other, and strategize battling monsters together.

Making the experience feel even more realistic is the in game avatar developed for each player. Players choose from four characters that can be customized right down to hairstyles and wardrobes. Once the game starts, players see each other’s avatars in real time. With different experiences to choose from, each game provides a unique experience.

Co-founder of Mirage VR, Chuang Li, says their ultimate goal is to make VR as connective as possible.

The SPUR is excited to have Mirage VR in their new cutting edge facility, where they will be able to continue their development.

Please visit Mirage VR for more information on their virtual reality experiences.

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