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Trusted Clothes Ethical and Sustainable Fashion at the SPUR

Trusted Clothes is dedicated to promoting ethical, sustainable and healthy fashion at the SPUR.

They are based on a group of volunteers, links people, organizations and brands that are ethical, environmentally friendly and health conscious. They advocate for workers’ rights in garment factories around the world, clothing that produces less pollution and waste on the planet, clothing that is healthy for our bodies and minds, and overall positive change inside the garment and clothing industry.

Trusted Clothes has roots dating back two decades and their background is diverse – they have been involved in everything from pioneering renewable energy projects in Canada to global marketing campaigns for the world’s largest companies.

It is essential to learn about the environmental impacts that fashion has, and how we can make the industry healthier for all involved. Trusted Clothes allows you to educate yourself and others on the ethical issues at the heart of this industry and how you can help. While also being able to learn about the impact the garment industry has on the world and how we can work to make it more sustainable.

They are able to maintain one of the most comprehensive, multi-topic blog sites about the clothing and fashion industry in the world. Trusted Clothes offers educational blogs where you can learn everything from women’s labour rights in the garment sector to applications of nanotechnology in clothing.

Please see Trusted Clothes for more information.

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