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Watfly – a Safe, Electric, and Easy Way to Fly

Watfly has developed an aircraft that is similar to a car: affordable to most, as easy to pilot as cars are to drive, as safe as commercial air travel, and with convenient, practical use.

Atlas is certified as an Ultralight Air Vehicle, meaning you do not need a pilot license to fly it, just a tailored training course. Atlas can also take-off and land vertically, meaning you do not need runways, just final destinations.

They have proprietary award-winning electric ducted fans (EDF), four rotors, as quiet as 87 dBA from 15 meters away, powered by a wing integrated battery pack that will provide up to 60 minutes of thrill filled flight.

Atlas’ strong, stiff carbon fibre structure combines with active cabin gimbal suspension for true comfort. There’s also ample leg room and a rear storage area. So luggage – from golf clubs, to skis or snowboards – will simply fit. While inside the cabin there’s more than 180-degrees of breathtaking visibility thanks to the canopy wraparound.

In the air, there are no traffic lights, and no bottlenecks, meaning they can achieve higher sustained travel speeds and efficiency, leading to shorter travel times and covering longer distances.

These small aircraft can be certified in under a year, leading to shorter development cycles which enables them to bring cutting edge performance to market, faster. A small, electric VTOL aircraft such as Watfly’s would be the first aircraft to be produced at automotive volumes, drastically reducing the manufacturing cost.

There are 100s of VTOL prototypes in development, with new projects emerging every week. Most of these are not designed to be flying cars, but rather more efficient helicopters.

For more information please see Watfly’s website.

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