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NERv – Building a Future For Safe Surgeries

The SPUR is supporting NERv while they work to vastly improve post-operative care. They use data within the body, to detect post-operative complications. NERv’s platform sensing technology augments existing wound drains and catheters, providing healthcare providers with smarter, predictive tools that can enhance the delivery of healthcare.

The device incorporates ยต-biosensors designed to detect postoperative complications in real-time. The system can predict and notify the healthcare provider if early signs of complications are detected by the sensors and monitor the development of the complication in real-time.

The application focuses on anastomotic leaks that can arise after GI surgeries. NERv’s in-line device has demonstrated through animal models its ability to detect anastomotic leaks within 3 mins (current average for standard of care is 2-3 days). The device identified 24/24 induced leaks thus far during animal studies. This is directly attributed to a reduction in length of stay and cost of treatment due to the early detection of leaks.

NERv was co-founded by two University of Waterloo Engineering graduates who were determined to see that no patient loses their life because of an undetected post-operative complication. Post-operative recovery can be a stressful period and they aim to improve outcomes by making sure that patients have an uneventful recovery.

For more information please see NERv’s website.

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