283 Duke Street West, Kitchener, ON, Canada

Nicoya Nanotechnology Research and Development at the SPUR

Nicoya is using nanotechnology to create affordable analysis instrumentation and advanced analytical instruments for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The Canadian company’s mission is to improve human life by helping scientists succeed. Its instruments are used by hundreds of world-renowned researchers in over 40 different countries.

Their first product, OpenSPR, reduces the cost of biointeractive testing by 90%, allowing for rapid development of new pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, and diagnostics. It specializes in the development of a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument, a laboratory device that measures the interactions between molecules. The company has created the world’s first desktop SPR, which serves as a more accurate, portable, cost-effective method for collecting data for research and development. This breakthrough product reduces the time and cost of drug discovery, enabling scientists to better understand and cure human diseases faster.

Nicoya uses nanotechnology, microfluidics, and AI to create products that enable scientists to better understand diseases – such as cancer, hepatitis, Alzheimer’s, cardiac, and others – and develop treatments for them.

Nicoya, was launched in 2012 and today the company’s scientific instruments are used by hundreds of the world’s leading researchers in academia, government, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies. They look to expedite the development of new products focused on drug discovery, grow their team in the next year, expand its reach to more international markets, and target new opportunities within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

The SPUR is excited to have Nicoya develop with and graduate from our ecosystem.

Please see Nicoya’s website for further information.

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